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A Wunderwald Berlin
Spechtstraße 24a
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By bus and boat through Berlin.


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A city tour by land and water in 3h.

Get to know Berlin as a water city! Two rivers, the Spree and the Havel, run through the city center in large arcs and offer many insights that would not be possible from land. But first it’s time to get on the bus and sit back! The combined tour starts with a classic city tour. Our professional guides will show you the most famous sights. Afterwards, the tour continues by ship. You will experience Berlin as a city of bridges and can let your gaze wander over the government district, the Tiergarten and Bellevue Palace. And who knows? Maybe even the Federal President will wave to you from there.

For whom is the bus-and-boat tour intended?

The city tour is perfect for anyone who wants to discover Berlin from multiple perspectives.

Sights of the tour:

government districthistoric city center, Oberbaum Bridge, Jannowitz Bridge, Zoological Garden, Bellevue Palace

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By bus and boat through Berlin.

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