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Besides our limousine- bus- and chauffeur service, we also offer sightseeing tours and gastronomy tours. You receive relevant information and consultation to all products and services by calling us +49 (0) 30 40 77 94 05 or sending an E-mail toinfo@wunderwald-erlebnistouren.de

Our entire VIP fleet consists of Mercedes Benz vehicles, from E-Class limousine to Tourismo busses (49- seater). All vehicles are black and with leather-/ partial leather interior fittings. An air-condition is available in all vehicles.

We offer our service for journeys in and around Berlin. If you require a day-service within Germany, we are happy to send you an individual offer.

Booking and payment methods

We are happy to advise you on the phone +49 (0) 30 40 77 94 05 or by sending an E-mail to info@wunderwald-erlebnistouren.de. If you are interested in our service, we send you an offer according to your request. On workdays we usually reply to your inquiry with an offer within 24 hours. On weekends or public holidays, it takes as long as the next workday to receive the offer. A booking can be completed by signing our offer and returning the completely filled in form by fax or email. We confirm the booking as quick as possible.

Our offers include all costs for the driver, petrol and VAT. Additional costs occur if you depart late with more than 20 minutes after the booked time or if you use our service for longer than booked. These additional costs are charged after the tour finished. Offers for sightseeing tours also include the costs for the tour guide.

The earlier you book, the more definite we can fulfil your wishes. Depending on the season availability can change quickly, you should calculate a minimum period of 48 hours before the planned journey. Depending on availability we are able to fulfil short notice requirements.

As with any other transportation service, payments have to be made in advance. You can choose from making your payment in cash to the driver before departure, by credit card (payment process is made the day before from the office) or by bank transfer. A card payment with the driver is not possible.

Of course every booking can be cancelled. Depending on the time of cancellation the following cancellation fees apply according to our GTC.

Complete cancellation of the booking:

  • Up to 7 days before the journey: free of charge
  • From 6 days before the journey: 25% of the booked value
  • 3 days before the journey: 50% of the booked value
  • 48 hours before the journey: 100% of the booked value.

Decisive for a cancellation is the date and time of receipt of the cancellation at Wunderwald-LBC. Cancellations are received from Monday- Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 hrs. In the case of a later receipt, the following business day is regarded as cancellation date.

Please take note that additional terms of cancellation apply with the Gastronomy Tours Berlin.

Sightseeing tours Berlin

Our sightseeing tours are individually organised for each customer, you can choose the date for each tour. You can also choose the starting and finish point within the city. The group size is not relevant. As our groups are all exclusively organised, we do not offer hop-on hop-off tours for non-members of your group.

We offer a wide range of different tours. A typical tour in Berlin takes 3 hours. If you also want to see the city of Potsdam, the tour takes about an hour more. Special tours like the “Nightseeing” or the “Tour of Lights” take approx. 2-2,5 hours.

Our drivers pick you up at a place of your choice. That might be a private- or company address, but also any address in the city, your hotel, the airports or stations is possible. You define the endpoint, too.

The routes of the city tours lead along all important sights of the city of Berlin. Depending on the booked tour a special focus can be set on topics or places of your interest. If you are interested in a certain topic, please let us know. The tour guide is also flexible to plan the bus tour along places which are off the usual route of attractions.

Each sightseeing tour is planned with 1-3 stops to take photos or have a short walk. If you are interested in specific places, please speak to the guide before the beginning of the tour.

Apart from the usual languages like German, English or French, we also offer approx. 15 other languages. Please ask our members of staff if your requested language is available.

Gastronomy Tours Berlin

Our gastronomy tours offer the opportunity to explore Berlin from a new point of view. Our exclusive VIP vehicle brings you, depending on the booked tour- to 3 or 4 culinary restaurants, where the hosts already expect you to spoil you with culinary pleasures. Along the tour you are accompanied from a certified tour guide who presents the nightly city along the way.

We offer 3 different tours: the restaurant tour for explorers, the dinner tour for the advanced taste and the Gourmet Tour for everyone who has a sophisticated taste and wants to enjoy internationally known chefs. During the 3-4 hours long Restaurant and Dinner Tour you enjoy a 3- course meal, the Gourmet Tour adds a 4th course. This tour takes 5 hours.

Every tour is individually organised for closed groups only. That’s why we can arrange all the details according to your wishes. Basically every day of the year is possible for a Gastronomy Tour.

Our clients are visitors of the city, but also inhabitants who celebrate a birthday, team meetings and large company events. The minimum number of participants is 5 persons; of course we also make special arrangements on request.

No problem! We are happy to organise the perfect evening for your employees. On your request we can also make special arrangements, e.g. around your company logo etc.

There is no maximum. The minimum number is 5 persons; in case that more than 49 people want to join the tour, we provide an additional bus and tour guide. If you have a very large group, you decide whether all guests shall follow the same route or be split and have a parallel running tour with a joined ending point.

The tour price includes a complete menu and one glass of wine and table water per course. Also the costs for the vehicle and the city guide are included. An additional consumption of drinks can either be paid on scene or be charged with a final invoice after the end of the tour.

You are included in the process of decision making at every step of the planning. Of course, also at choosing the meals. After placing the booking, we receive the menu suggestions from the restaurant-we provide them to you, to make the decision.

Of course you do not have to take part in the tour yourself, but can give it as a present to a dear person. You send us a normal inquiry and receive our offer for the requested tour. The decision which tour you want to give and for how many people is up to you. We finalize the booking with a confirmation. After receiving the payment on our account you will receive the exclusive voucher, which you can give as a present. The voucher is valid for 12 months. For setting the date for the given tour, the recipient contacts us to discuss the details, including the menu. All he needs to do is providing the voucher number.

There can always be changes to the original plan, which force you to either change or cancel the booked tour.

In the case of a complete cancellation we charge:

  • 10 days prior the event: 50% of the event costs
  • 5 days prior the event: 70% of the costs and
  • 1 day before the event: 100% of the costs.

In the case of a partial cancellation or a reduction of the number of participants we charge the following:

  • 48 hours before the event: 50% of the participants’ fee
  • 24 hours before the event: 100% of the booked fee.

Decisive for a cancellation is the date and time of receipt of the cancellation at Wunderwald-LBC. Cancellations are received from Monday- Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 hrs. In the case of a later receipt, the following business day is regarded as cancellation date.