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The Berlin “Schnauze” Tour


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A city tour in Berlin dialect.

„Dit is Berlin, wa?“ Much of what happens in Berlin often remains incomprehensible to the rest of the Republic. But the Berlin dialect is clearly not one of them. Berliners have a cult following! 

That’s why the guides on this tour are not only Berlin veterans, but together with you they literally look the people in the mouth. The numerous sights you will see during this entertaining city tour have very special, meaningful nicknames among the Berliners.

So you will get to know the “washing machine” and the “pregnant oyster” without having to visit a laundromat or the zoo. Finally, you will discover the “Berlin Milljöh” described by Heinrich Zille during a short walk through the more than 750-year-old Nikolaiviertel.

For whom is the Berlin Schnauze tour intended?

The city tour is perfect for anyone who wants to see Berlin sights in the form of comedy.

Sights of the tour:

the Goldelse ( Victory Column), the Telespargel (television tower), the Long Lulatsch (radio tower), the Pregnant Oyster (House of World Cultures) , the Hollow Tooth (Memorial Church) , the Washing Machine (Federal Chancellery), the Soup Bowl (granite bowl in the Lustgarten), the Water Blob (globe fountain at Breitscheidplatz)
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The Berlin “Schnauze” Tour

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